Sunday, March 4, 2012

Disney Snacks!

If you are part of a Disney community forum or a Disney social network you have probably run across the topic of Walt Disney World snacks.  You might have even joined the conversation and argued for your favorite snack.  No matter, there are many favorite snacks around the World!

I compiled a list of the top 3 snacks based on several forums I take part in.  So, here we go! In no particular order, the winners are:

The Dole Whip! – Probably MY favorite!  If you love ice cream and pineapple this is most definitely the snack for you!  It is a pineapple ice cream made by no other than the Dole company.  You can get it several different ways; in a cup, twisted with vanilla (YUM), or in a float with pineapple juice! You can find it two places: Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom, just after you enter Adventureland.  Or, you can find it at the Polynesian Resort quick service restaurant Cap’n Cooks. Your options here are the same except the option for a float, unless of course you create it yourself!  And yes….these can be used as a snack on the Disney Dining Plan. 

The Turkey Leg! – Probably the ugliest and messiest snack but you can guarantee there will be a line waiting to make a mess! An average of 1.6 million of these guys are gobbled every year at the theme parks!  It is a smoked turkey leg with incredible seasonings. The smoking process is very slow and at a low temperature so the fat doesn’t melt off like it would in a higher temperature.  For those of you that know anything about meat know that the fat is what helps make the flavor and this is full of it, flavor that is! You can find a Turkey Leg cart in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom just opposite of Peco’s Bills. Unfortunately, this is not part of the snack plan. 
The Mickey Ice Cream Bar! – This is not your typical ice cream bar!  It is a vanilla mickey shape covered in milk chocolaty goodness!  You can find people of all ages enjoying this little beauty! He offers a refreshing coolness to the heat of long park days! The creamy vanilla ice cream is yummy by itself but to freeze it and add chocolate makes it perfect for the kid in you! You can find this tasty treat all over the world at any snack cart!  The best part is… you can get this one with your snack credits!

Of course this only touches the tip of the iceberg of Disney snacks, but at least you get an idea of the variety Disney has to offer when you need something to tie you over until your next meal! There are many carts and shops that offer things from cinnamon rolls and funnel cakes, to French pastries and ice cream cookies, to frozen adult beverages. Whatever you want, Disney has it!