Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disney Withdrawal!

So, I am guessing if you are a follower of my blog then you have a love of Disney or at least curious!  With that being said... if you are a Disney lover I am sure you go through Disney withdrawal!  You can't wait until your next vacation?  ME EITHER!  I am so excited for my upcoming trips and the first one is still over two months away!  I would start packing already if I didn't need my clothes!

I know I know, its very sad! I mean the minute I get home from a Disney trip I am already planning my next one and putting a countdown on my iPhone! I guess it gives me something to look forward to but I love it!  I guess that is one reason I love planning vacations as well.  It lets me have a Disney fix without actually going!  And I LOVE helping others plan their trips because I feel like my knowledge helps everyone in some way! And the first timers - wow.

How do I deal with this pathetic Disney withdrawal? Besides continuous planning and revamping our itinerary, I will look at pictures online, or old pictures of mine.  I follow the Disboards (website) and help others with their questions!  I daydream and talk to my family about the upcoming trip!  And I dream about things I have yet to experience at Disney, things that could make the trip even that much more magical!

I know you probably think I am crazy but Disney is my hobby.  I mean there are those who collect model cars, stamps, spoons, etc.... I just collect Disney trips!  HAHA! An expensive hobby I know!  But I can honestly say I have SO many good memories from my childhood up until now that are Disney related I can't imagine not having it in my life.  So while you may think I have lost it, I am just now finding it!  I love my new job and can't wait to finish my degree to see what the future holds!  I am going to fulfill my dream of working for Disney if it takes me all of my life!  Just you wait and see!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pixie Vacations!

Ok... so I thought I should tell you about my new adventure!  I am a new Agent with Pixie Vacations!  You know what that means?  WOO HOO! I get to plan vacations for people!  I know I know... sounds like alot of work!  Not for me, I love stuff like this! My expertise is mainly for Disney vacations (obviously), but I can do anything! 
What makes me a Disney expert? You ready to learn more about me? Let's go! So I have been going to Walt Disney World since I was a bun in my momma's oven!  Every summer during my school years and even some spring breaks consisted of Clearwater Beach and Walt Disney World! Without giving away my age, lets just say the resort choices were limited when I was young so we either stayed at the Contemporary or at the Polynesian! However, in my 41 visits to WDW I have stayed in all but 2 of the Disney Resorts so I am VERY familiar with the accommodations and the differences.  I do have favorites though!  They are all great but I am partial to the Polynesian for the Deluxe, Port Orleans French Quarter for a moderate, and POP Century for a value.  I am always trying to get the most bang for my buck so if I can get a good discount I will stay at the Polynesian!  If not, I am not too proud to stay at the POP!  Like I said, they are all great because they are all Disney Resorts!
Beyond the resorts I am an expert at the parks!  I can tell you anything you want to know about the rides or the park layout! I know my way around Walt Disney World better than I do my own hometown! I have rode every ride at least a few times! And my favorites you ask?  Well its really hard to pick a favorite so I will tell you my favorite from each park!  Magic Kingdom; my favorites would have to be Big Thunder Mountain Railroad & Peter Pan!  They are both classics and originally designed by Walt himself so they are a bit nostalgic and will stand the test of time!  EPCOT; Hands down favorite is Soarin'.  It is not an original ride as it made its way over here from California but it is definitely a keeper!  Although, I have heard from cast members Disney is currently working on a new Soarin' to make it not just over California, but across the world, so I am waiting in anticipation to see if it happens!  Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios); I would have to say Rock n' Roller Coaster!  Just for the thrill of it!  With Aerosmith blaring in your ear and the quick take off, it is definitely the best rush on property! Animal Kingdom; I bet you can't guess.... Yes, Expedition Everest!  This is a great coaster!  It combines the thrill of riding facing front and back in one ride!  The only thing I wish is that is was longer!  But, on any given day you wouldn't be surprised to see me on it 3 or 4 times in a row! But rides aren't all Disney Parks has to offer! How about a good meal?
For all of you foodies... Disney is the place to sample things from all over!  The above is one of my favorites from a restaurant name Jiko, in Animal Kingdom Lodge!  It has a little African flair!  That is a Filet Mignon with mac n' cheese!  YUMMY!  I am a huge steak eater so anywhere I can get a good filet I am there!  Les Chefs de France, Yachtsman Steakhouse, California Grill... those are a just a few that offer a great filet! But there are other great places!  I will save the restaurant blog for another time though!  I want to save a little for you to read later!
  So, as you can see... I am quite the Disney expert and to me, it is my home away from home!  I will not stop going to Disney World!  I love sharing it with friends and family!  There is nothing like spending time with ones you love in the most magical place on earth!  I will be taking my 42nd trip this coming November!  I am so excited!  But before that I will be taking my 7th Disney Cruise!  You can be jealous, go ahead!  LOL!  Anyway... so I am not an Authorized Disney Travel Planner!  If you know anyone who needs help please send them my way! I would love to help!!  I hope you have a magical week!  Talk to you all soon!