Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disney Withdrawal!

So, I am guessing if you are a follower of my blog then you have a love of Disney or at least curious!  With that being said... if you are a Disney lover I am sure you go through Disney withdrawal!  You can't wait until your next vacation?  ME EITHER!  I am so excited for my upcoming trips and the first one is still over two months away!  I would start packing already if I didn't need my clothes!

I know I know, its very sad! I mean the minute I get home from a Disney trip I am already planning my next one and putting a countdown on my iPhone! I guess it gives me something to look forward to but I love it!  I guess that is one reason I love planning vacations as well.  It lets me have a Disney fix without actually going!  And I LOVE helping others plan their trips because I feel like my knowledge helps everyone in some way! And the first timers - wow.

How do I deal with this pathetic Disney withdrawal? Besides continuous planning and revamping our itinerary, I will look at pictures online, or old pictures of mine.  I follow the Disboards (website) and help others with their questions!  I daydream and talk to my family about the upcoming trip!  And I dream about things I have yet to experience at Disney, things that could make the trip even that much more magical!

I know you probably think I am crazy but Disney is my hobby.  I mean there are those who collect model cars, stamps, spoons, etc.... I just collect Disney trips!  HAHA! An expensive hobby I know!  But I can honestly say I have SO many good memories from my childhood up until now that are Disney related I can't imagine not having it in my life.  So while you may think I have lost it, I am just now finding it!  I love my new job and can't wait to finish my degree to see what the future holds!  I am going to fulfill my dream of working for Disney if it takes me all of my life!  Just you wait and see!

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