Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why Disney?

Hello everyone!  Ever since I was a child I have had a passion for all things Disney.  It used to be just a vacation spot for me but as I got older it has turned into much more than just a vacation spot.  It feels like home.  But I also bring Disney into my home and to some, it seems childish.  So.... let me talk about Disney and what it means to me and why I bring it into my everyday life.

We all know Walt Disney World is named after the man himself, Walt Disney.  Walt was born in Chicago and raised in Marceline, MO.  He started sketching when he was very young, even selling sketches at the age of 7. Pushing on, Walt got a job in commercial art which led to his experiments in animation. He soon fell in love with animation and started experimenting with different types of characters and was even the first to add a real human to animation in The Alice Comedies. Needless to say, Walt sketched Mickey Mouse on a train with his wife, Lillian.  Mickey's first name was Mortimer Mouse, but Lillian wasn't a fan so she chose a new name and the magic was born!

Of course there is ALOT more to that story but that just gives you an idea of how things came to be.  Walt grew up in a poor family and had big dreams.  Although scared of failure he pursued his dreams with everything he had.  He created a household name and a place for families.  Disneyland was thought up when he took his daughters for daddy/daughter days and just had to watch, he wanted a place they could do things together.  I guess Disneyland does that huh? ;o) 

So, Disney to me represents a dream and that anything in this world is possible.  It reminds me that any obstacle can be overcome.  Living in the US, even in hard times, allows us to dream and dream big.  My dream is to become part of the dream and to join the cast of Disney someday.  I am finally one step closer!

Everytime I see Mickey Mouse he reminds me of the child I once was and that she isn't really that far away.  I may be grown up on the outside but I am definitely still that child within.  So many adults forget that child they used to be.  We tend to focus too much on reality and what we think is possible instead of thinking of what could be possible if we used our imagination.  I may be a child at heart but I have an advantage which is I am definitely a grown up.  I can do anything I want to do, and if I want to be like Walt Disney, then the only thing that stops me, is me.

I have been to Walt Disney World over 40 times now and it is still magical every time.  I just embarked on a new adventure by becoming a Disney Travel Agent and can book Disney vacations for friends and family and clients from the comforts of my own home.  I work for commissions and don't charge a fee.  Some say I am dumb, but I love it.  I love helping people plan that magical vacation for either their children or for themselves.  Disney has so much to offer everyone and I love to share my knowledge and passion with others!  

So all I am saying, is stop trying to be so grown up because life is too short to be serious all the time.  You can handle responsibilities and real life problems and still have fun and laugh.  Be positive and optimistic because things can always be worse.  Think of Walt and then remember... anything is possible!  It takes too much effort to be unhappy!

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